Scrap Your Car

We get a lot of questions about scrapping your car. Please review the FAQs below.

Kadingers Scrap Vehicle

Do you need a title to sell your cars to Kadinger’s?
No, if you cannot find the title or the title is not in your name but has been signed off by the previous owner Kadinger’s will have you fill out an “MV2459” form. By signing the form you are stating that you have the legal right to sell the vehicle. See attachment.

Can I sell a vehicle to Kadinger’s if my vehicle has a lien on it?
No, Kadinger’s cannot and will not purchase vehicles with liens on them. If a lien has been paid off but is still showing on the title we can assist you in getting the lien satisfied and documented, but if you bring a vehicle in with a lien on it, you will have to take responsibility in getting that process completed.

If I have good tires on the vehicle can I remove them?
Yes, Kadinger’s would prefer that you take your tires with you. Kadinger’s will assist you in getting them off, but you need to bring your own tools for taking the lug nuts off. If you are bringing the vehicle in on a trailer it is a good idea to remove most of the lug nuts and just leave on one per tire to help expedite the unloading and wheel/tire removal process.

Can I leave the tires on the vehicle?
Yes you can, however because of the cost of tire disposal fees Kadinger’s charges $10 per tire.

Can I put other scrap inside of the vehicle?
Yes Kadinger’s allows you to put other scrap inside of vehicles, but not garbage, partially full cans of paint, or other undesirable material. Vehicle cannot be filled so that the floorboards cannot be seen—we need to see what is inside the vehicle.